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Cold Vulcanizing Solutions in Pune

Continental Belting Pvt Ltd is recognized as one of the preeminent Cold Vulcanizing Solutions Manufacturers, Suppliers and exporters in Pune. These solutions are also called Non Flammable Cold Vulcanizing Solution. The solution is a black color, viscous liquid that has brushing viscosity. Catering to the exact needs of industries, we have acquired recognition by big market players such as ACC, Ultratech Cement, Steel Authority of India, Reliance Energy, Godrej, Thermax, Vedanta, UHDE, HCC, Adani, Pune Ambuja, JSW Steel, AIS Glass, Saint Gobain and many others.

The Cold Vulcanizing Solution is manufactured using high grade materials that make it a perfect match to the internationals quality standards like EN ISO 15236, DIN22131, SANS1366 and AS1333. These are also ISO9001 (2015) certified, that further add to the genuineness of the product.

Application of Cold Vulcanizing Solutions

The solution is widely demanded by various industries where boding of two components is required. Here are a few combinations that can be bonded using Cold Vulcanizing Solutions:

  • Rubber to Rubber
  • Rubber to Fabric
  • Rubber to Steel
  • Rubber to PVC
  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete
  • Urethane
  • Conveyor Belt Jointing
  • Pulley Lagging
  • Belt Repair

Features of Cold Vulcanizing Solutions

With state of the art R&D facility, we offer Cold Vulcanizing Solutions that are acclaimed for the below mentioned attributes. Some of the countable pointers are as listed below:

  • Providing higher coverage in a cost effective way
  • Providing superior bonding strength, thus ensuring of a quality output
  • Allowing more open time that meets production cycle needs
  • Provides for uniform performance
  • As it does not contain benzene, it saves human life from cancer possibility
Coverage Properties Pack Sizes Storage and Shelf Life
Theoretical coverage – 4 – 5 m2 per liter
  • Viscosity (at 25 �C): 4000 � 300 cps
  • Density (at 25 �C): 1.41 � 0.02 gm/cc
  • Drying time: 15 – 25 seconds
  • T. R. T: Minimum 30 minutes
1 Liter, 5 Liters, and 30 Liters
  • Store it in well sealed container
  • CONTIBELT 9000 will be in optimum usage stage for 12 months from date of manufacturing

We cover all market areas listed below for suppliers, dealership of our products in Pune

Agalambe, Ahire, Alandi Mhatobachi, Ambee, Ambegaon Bk, Ambegaon Kh, Arvi, Ashtapur, Autadwadi Handewadi, Awasare Nagar, Awhalwadi, Bahuli, Bakori, Bhagatwadi, Bhawadi, Bhawarapur, Bhilarewadi, Biwari, Burkegaon, Dhayari, Donaje, Dongargaon, Fulgaon, Fursungi, Gaud Dara, Gawdewadi, Ghera Sinhagad, Gogalwadi, Gorhe Bk., Gorhe Kh., Gujar Nimbalkarwadi, Hadapsar, Hingangaon, Holkarwadi, Jambhali, Jambhulwadi, Kadamwak Wasti, Kalyan, Kesnand, Khadakwadi, Khadakwasala, Khadewadi, Khamgaon Mawal, Khamgaon Tek, Khanapur, Khed, Kirkitwadi, Kolewadi, Kolwadi, Kondave - Dhavde, Kondhanpur, Kopare, Koregaon Mul, Kudaje, Kunjirwadi, Lahagaon, Loni-kalbhor, Loni-kand, Malinagar, Malkhed, Mandvi Bk., Mandvi Kh., Manekhadi, Mangadewadi, Manjari Bk, Manjari Kh., Mogarwadi, Mokarwadi, Mordari, Mordhari, Murkutenagar, Nahre, Naigaon, Nanded, Nandoshi, Nhavi Sandas, Nirgudi, Perane, Peth, Pimpri Sandas, Pisoli, Prayagdhum, Rahatwade, Ramnagar, Ramoshiwadi, Sambarewadi, Sanas Nagar, Sangarun, Sangavi Sandas, Sashte, Shewalwadi, Shindewadi, Shindwane, Shiraswadi, Shivane, Shivne, Shiwapur, Sonapur, Sortapwadi, Taleranwadi, Tanaji Nagar, Tarade, Theur, Thoptewadi, Tilekarwadi, Tulapur, Undari, Uruli Kanchan, Uruli-dewachi, Vitthal Nagar, Wadachiwadi, Wade Bolhai, Wadgaon-shinde, Wadhu Kh., Wadki, Walati, Wanjalewadi, Wardade


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