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Cold Resistant Belts in Telangana

Continental Belting Pvt Ltd is one of the prime Cold Resistant Belt Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in Telanga. The use of high quality materials in the manufacturing ensure notable features such as high durability, tensile strength and resistance to extreme cold conditions. The main use of these belts is to convey substances at sub-zero temperature. When the ambient temperature falls below 0c rubber begins to lose its elasticity, its property to resist abrasion, impact and cutting and even the rubber in the carcass begin to crack.

The Cold Resistant Belts are ideally designed to make conveying of materials economically feasible outdoor in the freezing areas and inside the cold storage. Thus, we have earned huge applaud from our major clients such as ACC, Ultratech Cement, Steel Authority of India, Reliance Energy, Godrej, Thermax, Vedanta, UHDE, HCC, Adani, Telanga Ambuja, JSW Steel, AIS Glass, Saint Gobain etc.

The notable features have made the Cold Resistant Belt highly demanded in Telanga. Some of them are as below:

  • Belts designed to efficiently perform in sub zero temperatures of -40C
  • Use if natural rubber as covering rubber that comes with highest elasticity as well as cold resistance performance
  • Cored structure divided into ordinary & reinforced combined CIS butadiene synthetic rubber to provide superior functionality

The hereunder advantages of the cold resistant belts have played crucial role in the enhancement of the market demands in Telanga.

  • Available on basis of Cold-proof performance:
    • S1 (-45C ~ 50C)
    • S2 (-60C ~ 50C)
  • Suitable for the temperature even under -40C
  • Available in different belt carcass including Cotton canvas, Nylon canvas or Polyester canvas.
  • The cover rubber can comprise combination of 3-polybutadiene Rubber (BR) and Natural Rubber (NR) for highest elasticity at lowest temperature.
  • Crack and abrasion free
  • Conveyor belts are tested as per DIN & IS1891
  • DIN, BS, AS, SANS, JIS, IS, Standardized for quality assurance
Cover Physical Property Indexes
Item Index H D L
Tensile Strength / Mpa ≤ 24 18 15
Breaking Elongation / % ≤ 450 400 350
Ageing experiment (70oC, 7d) Change rate of tensile strength / % ±25 ±25 ±25
Change rate of breaking elongation / % ±25 ±25 ±25
Abrasion / mm3 ≥ 120 100 250
Cold resistant coefficient at elongate ≤ C1(-45oC) 0.3
C2(-50oC) 0.2
C1– temperature condition is -45oC~+50oC;
C2– temperature condition is -60oC~+50oC

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