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Best Pipe Conveyor Belts Manufacturers Suppliers in India

Pipe Conveyor Belts India, Pipe Conveyor Belts Manufacturers, Suppliers MaharashtraPipe conveyors are used for the bulk transportation of material over long distances in a protected environment. It is the most ecofriendly method of conveying as it ensure zero spillage. And it is very effective even in the terrain where conventional belts are cannot be used.

Pipe conveyors are similar to a conventional belt conveyor at the material receiving area and discharge area. But the flat belt is slowly shaped to trough belt through transition and carrying idlers. At the end of loading zone, the conveyor belt gradually takes on a pipe formation with the help of variable off set rollers, finger rollers and pipe forming idlers.

Maharashtra based, Continental Belting Pvt Ltd is one of the most prominent and reliable company in India.  All our products are standardized as per DIN, BS, AS, SANS, JIS, IS, etc. and are supplied only after flex and fatigue test.

Pipe Conveyor Belts manufactured at Continental Belting Pvt Ltd are supplied to various cities of India and are even exported to many countries around the world.

Our Pipe Conveyor Belts manufactured at Continental Belting Pvt Ltd have the capacity of transporting:

  • Tons of Limestone per hour form mines to the cement factory:
  • Tons of Rock Phosphate per hour
  • Tons of coal directly from mine to the power plant within hours
  • Transport coal from Port to their Power Plant in Bulks

Pipe Conveyor Belts Salient features:

  • Pipe conveyor belting solutions designed to protect conveyed material from external influences including rain & wind
  • Does not require additional conveyor cover
  • Allow simultaneous conveying of different materials in vertical as well as horizontal directions
  • Low power consumption and Low noise emission
  • Belting solutions designed to protect environment through avoiding spillage of conveyed material
  • Solutions designed to support movements even in the bottom run where it allows no spillage occurrence as the carry side is inside of tube
Technical Indexes
Pipe dia.
Load area
(m2) (75%)
Belt speed
Max. lump
size (mm)
Min. length(M)
Conveyor Belt
100 0.006 100 36 30 15 300
150 0.013 120 95 30-50 18 300-450
200 0.024 130 185 50-70 20 500-600
250 0.037 140 310 70-90 23 600-750
300 0.052 150 475 90-100 25 750-900
350 0.072 175 750 100-120 30 900-1050
400 0.095 200 1140 120-150 35 1050-1200
450 0.150 225 2000 150-200 50 1500-1800
500 0.215 250 3200 200-250 50 1500-1800
550 0.285 275 4700 250-300 60 1800-2000
600 0.425 300 7650 300-400 70 2000-2400

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