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General Duty Belts Manufacturers in Raipur

General Duty Belts Manufacturers in RaipurContinental Belting PVT LTD manufacture, supply and export a wide range of general duty Belts as per the industrial requirements and that of our clients. Our General Duty Belts are abrasion resistant and highly resistant to the cuts and gouges. We have been supplying and exporting our ISO9001 (2015) certified General Duty Belts to almost every state of India and over 45 countries since 1984.

Our General Duty Belts have various applications in wide range of Industries like mining industry and process industries such cement(limestone), steel (crushed metallic ores), stone crushing industries (granite & blue metal).Our production is aided with CAD (Computer-Aided Design)/CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) Facility for Proprietary Belt Selection & Simulation.

To meet the International standards such as DIN, BS, AS, SANS, JIS, IS, etc. Continental Belting PVT LTD uses best in the class raw material to manufacture our Belts. Continental Belting PVT LTD has been ET Now Leaders of Tomorrow Awards Nominee.

General Duty Belts Salient Features:

  • Best in quality raw materials like Industrial fabric and rubber are used in the manufacturing of the Belts to meet quality standards.
  • The belts undergo Flex test and Fatigue test to ensure the highly resistant to tear and rip resistant for long service life even under heavy duty applications.
  • Special Steel wefts with high elongation and tensile strength properties.
  • Superior Fastener-holding ability.

General Duty Belts Characteristics and Application:

  • GRADE M-24

    • Recommended for conveying heavy, sharp as well as highly abrasive materials
    • These may include products like granite, metallic ores, lime stone, clinker, coal, Blast furnace slag and others
    • IS 1891 PART-I BS 490 PART-I ISO 4195/1 DIN 22102 compliant
  • GRADE M-24

    • This grade is suitable for arduous applications
    • These also have superior wear resistance properties
  • GRADE N-17

    • Recommended for meeting the conveying requirements of less severe as well as moderately abrasive materials
    • These may include ash, chalk, sized coal, bauxite
    • IS 1891 PART-I BS 490 PART-I ISO 4195/1 DIN 22102 compliant
General Purpose Belting Standard Before Ageing After Ageing
Tensile Strength MPa Elongation % Temperature of Ageing �C Duration of Ageing hours Change in Tensile Strength % Change in Elongation % Maximum Abrasion Loss Mm3
This Grade is recommended for conveying heavy, sharp, highly abrasive materials like metallic ores, granite, lime stone, coal, Blast furnace slag & clinker etc. IS 1891 PART-I BS 490 PART-I ISO 4195/1 DIN 22102 24 450 70 72 +10-20 +10-25 150
Recommended for conveying less severe and moderately abrasive material like sized coal, ash, chalk, bauxite etc. IS 1891 PART-I BS 490 PART-I ISO 4195/1 DIN 22102 17 400 70 72 +10-20 +10-25 150
Composed of Synthetic Rubber mainly, this grade is suitable for arduous application as M-24 and has similar wear resistance properties. IS 1891 PART-I 17 400 70 72 +10-20 +10-25 150
International Grades & Standards
Standard & Grade Minimum Tensile Strength (Mpa) Minimum Elongation at Break (%) Maximum Abrasion Loss (mm3)
DIN-X 25 450 120
AS-M 24 450 125
IS -M24 24 450 150
BS -M24 24 450 150
SANS – M 24 450 120
SANS-N 20 400 150
DIN-Y 20 400 150
AS-N 17 400 200
1S-N17 17 400 200
BS-N17 17 400 150
RMA 1 17 450 150
JIS -S 18 400 200

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