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Food Grade Conveyor Belts – Ensuring Hygiene in the Food Industries

The industries processing food items endeavor to achieve higher levels of hygiene in their premises. The consumer of today is very demanding when it comes to hygiene and sanitation. Besides, the government has also put forth strict guidelines for these industries in terms of sanitation. Industries are aware of the fact that improving hygiene is possible only by minimizing product contamination. This can only be achieved by reducing exposure and allowing minimum touch of hand by incorporating automation.

Due to their versatility, durability, low maintenance and cost effectiveness, conveyer belts are being used in various industries. Food industries are no exception. Industries producing packed food items are making use of special conveyor belts called the Food Grade Conveyor Belts exclusively designed for these industries. The uniqueness of these belts lies in the fact that these are designed by keeping hygiene and sanitation in mind. The improved hygiene of these belts ensures cleanliness of the food items that are moved and packed over these belts. Offering a clean surrounding to packed food producing industry would mean higher edibility and prevention of spoilage.

Other features of Food Grade Conveyor Belts are discussed below:

  • Durable surface material – The materials used for manufacturing the surface of these belts are special materials such as polyurethane, polypropylene and silicone. These materials are highly durable for years of use without any wear and tear. The degree of hygiene is also maximized.
  • Better grip – These belts offer great grip for the materials they carry. The new and improved designs of these belts provide just the right amount of grip while preventing excessive stickiness that can disrupt the normal operation. Excellent holding ability of the surface ensures safety during operation.
  • Prevention of bacterial growth – The Food Grade Conveyor Belts used in food industries are intentionally designed to prevent the unwanted growth of microscopic organisms like bacteria. The growth of these organisms can greatly hamper the hygiene of these products. This not only ensures cleanliness but also increases the durability of the belts to a great extent.
  • Technologically advanced design – These belts are designed with a slope enough to assist drainage of unwanted moisture content and ease washing. This evades accumulation of impurities in the irregularities of the surface.

Food processing businesses of today understand this fact that ensuring absolute hygiene in the industrial processes means carrying out an ethical business practice. Besides, it also ensures high productivity and profitability as consumers prefer hygienically prepared edible items. Food Grade Conveyor Belts not only reduce time and labor expenses, these also ensure better sanitation. Moreover, these assist less usage and wastage of water, less chemical usage and reduced maintenance required. These have become indispensable for food industries due to their various beneficial features.


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